Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome to the Dance Studio! AKA the living room.

This condo has a BEAUTIFUL, amazing view. But for some reason, when I walked into the room, all I could think about was being in the dance studio. I felt like I was at work.

That's me. I grew up dancing and I still teach dance at my mother's studio.
Anywhew....... I understand the theory behind putting mirrors along one wall in a condo: people think it makes it look bigger. Maybe it does, I don't know. It just makes me think "outdated", or "1990's". There are other ways to make a small space look larger, without using wall mirrors and re-creating a dance studio in a living room. Come on, that's just weird.

Carpet in the living room and the mirrored wall! The mirrors go into the kitchen and make the backsplash. Yikes!
..... and THIS is why the owners bought this place. Look at that view!
I started taking down the mirrored glass pieces that cover the seams. Then I thought that this job would be better suited for professionals. I really didn't want to cut myself. So I focused my attention on laying hardwood floors!
yeah, not a good idea for me to mess with glass......
Buh-Bye, ugly carpet!
down to the concrete.....
time to lay floors! (there's my hardwoods)
I got the flooring at a discount flooring store in Panama City. Since I only needed about 140 square feet, the flooring only cost about $650. Totally worth it. I installed a click and lock floor, which was SO unbelievably simple! I'm not writing a tutorial on it, because lets face it.... someone out there will make a video or write a tutorial that is SO much better than mine, and that's what google is for :) Also, my blog is more like a picture book that is written for A.D.D. people such as myself.
Too many words = me losing interest. quickly.
So, here we go.... pictures!!!

Once I had a few rows done, I took this picture. I was envisioning the entire room looking like this. In reality, only 5 rows of boards are laid at this point :)

almost done....
getting closer....
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these floors. People thought that I was crazy for putting hardwoods in a condo rather than tile. My response was... they used hardwoods in factories built in the early 1900's, and they're still here today. They've made it through two rental seasons now and have held up BEAUTIFULLY! The original tile (from 2005), on the other hand, is cracking and will need to be replaced. So who's crazy now?

I had to wait a few days, but my mirror people showed up and removed the wall mirrors. This cost about $150. The awesome part about the mirror removal was the holes it left in the wall!

the glue from the mirrors pulled the smooth part off of the sheetrock and left me with the cardboard-like texture to deal with. And some thick black tar. I used a putty knife to scrape/tear/rip it off.
I patched and sanded, and sanded, and sanded....... 
Next, I painted. Although you can't tell in this picture, the finish on the wall wasn't perfect. There was no way to get it perfectly smooth. Don't get me wrong, it looked good. But I'm kind of a perfectionist. So to distract from the not-so-perfect wall, I decided to run floor-to-ceiling battens down the wall. I love board and batten anyway, and feel like it is PERFECT for a coastal home. So, I went to town!

The wall... NO MORE MIRRORS! and it's sanded and painted. There's a sneak peek at some of the furniture!
Time for board and batten. Again, there are some GREAT tutorials for this on the web. Just google it :)
Again, I used lattice strips purchased from the home depot. This wall probably cost about $40 to do.
Once I filled and sanded the nail holes and painted the battens, added my furnishings and a couple of extra little touches, the living room looked like THIS!

I'll talk about my furniture sources, my awesome curtains and really good deals in another post.
I am so EXCITED about my perfect coastal wall!
And with a few accessories via Marshall's and the Pottery Barn Outlet, my ugly little duckling of a mirrored wall turned into a beautiful swan!

^ That's not really a coffee table. It's a bench that I bought at World Market!
hooray for throw blankets!
Finally done :)
I am in love with this living room. It's so perfect. Since this is the longest blog post I've ever written, I'll share the rest of the room with you another day. I'll also give you some more details about the furnishings we used, why I decided to go with a WHITE slipcovered couch in a rental unit (nothing shows dirt more than white, right?) and share my deepest, darkest thoughts with you all. Hope everyone has a great day (or night)!


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