Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Turning a bunk nook into a swanky "bunk lounge"

Well, I'm only about a year and a half behind when it comes to blogging about my projects. I have SO many, so my posts may be rather short with a lot of iphone pics. Honestly, when I "read" a blog, I usually just skip the content and go straight to the pictures. Apparently I'm six years old and only like the books that have pictures. Anyway, here's the lovely bunk area that I started with.....

boring bunk nook
my favorite yellow color
it's okay, but could be better
Here's my inspiration pic for the bunk lounge.....
isn't it lovely?
I loved the beadboard on the walls in the bunks. It was so homey and coastal. I also love the rope and marine cleats that are used to make a rail, and I really wanted to replicate this. However, this condo is a vacation rental, and I'm afraid that some child's head is going to get stuck in the rope or something. So, no super cute rope and cleats for me :( darn kids.

So, I headed to the Home Depot with my rough measurements and had them cut and rip my beadboard for me on the trusty 'ol panel saw. I borrowed my dad's nailgun and got to work hanging beadboard!

Cutting the hole around the light fixtures..... not fun
top bunk
 ...... then I trimmed out my gaps with some lattice strips.....
I had to add some pieces of beadboard on to the wall to the right of the board to account for the difference in depth. This also gave me something to nail directly into. 
Trimming it out with lattice strips 
I also added trim around the corner, to finish it off. If I'd skipped this step, it would've looked awkward.
After trimming out my beadboard with lattice strips, I started to paint the beadboard the same gray color as the rest of the trim. It looked horrible. So I went with white and painted my lattice trim gray. It created a nice contrast and I LOVE the way it turned out!

painting the beadboard gray. BAD IDEA. It looked horrible.
Here's what it looks like, project ALMOST complete! (Just have to come up with a nice solution for a rail for the beds). 
I added pictures in each nook, they're a great focal point
Comfy cozy pillows! Not sure why the cover on the top bunk looks pink. Gross. I promise, it's not.
The view from further back
I think that in the future, after I add rails, I'd like to add some little curtains to each bunk for added privacy. Similar to the kind of curtains they used to have in the bunks on passenger trains. I think that the guests would like that option...... something like this....

But, this curtain project will have to happen another day. It'll be an awesome addition though! Can't wait to blog about it! Happy Summer everyone!


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