Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hate is a strong word. But I HATED this bathroom.

Yep, you heard me. I said the "H" word. And I absolutely meant it. I absolutely dreaded this bathroom remodel and put it off until the end of the project. Then I couldn't avoid it anymore, it had to be done. So I decided to go with the 'ol board and batten treatment again.

My problems with this bathroom were:
  1. The bathroom is VERY small
  2. There was barely enough room on the wall to hang a towel bar. 
  3. Ugly standard builders mirror
Here's the lovely bathroom BEFORE:

The super tiny bathroom with a non-matching toilet seat and navajo white walls

Walls painted white and there's that LOVELY builders mirror! Gross.

 Here's a shot of one of the few walls in the bathroom. Large enough to fit a robe hook.

Awesomely spacious bathroom vanity featuring that awesome mirror 


After painting the bathroom white, I painted the top third of it a nice blue color, then started installing the horizontal boards for the board & batten. After the horizontal boards were in place and trimmed out with cove molding, I installed my vertical "battens" (aka lattice strips from Home Depot).

Painting the blue. I also installed a curved hotel shower rod to provide more arm room in the shower. I also like the shape it brings to a very square bathroom. I also decided to keep it neutral, clean and crisp with a white shower curtain from World Market

Because of the limited amount of space in the bathroom, I utilized as many wall storage/display opportunities as possible. Here, I added a 4" shelf above the toilet to creatively display things

The other wall with the super tiny towel bar that will fit one towel

a little blurry (sorry).  Installing the vertical lattice strips. It already looks a billion times better. The ledge on top of the horizontal boards will provide some additional cool factor

Installing the battens and cove molding on the boards. Just need to paint :)

The teenie tiny baby wall getting some love

Installing boards around the medicine cabinet and mirror. I painted the cheap mirror frame around the mirror. It looks so much better like that. But that's not enough.....

Finally, it was time to caulk and paint the board & batten white, accessorize, and finish this project!

I decided to take down the towel bar. It was pretty useless. This condo sleeps 4-6 people. So one tiny towel bar was one of the dumbest things I had ever seen. So......


 HOOKS!!!! I looooove hooks! They made this wall FUNCTIONAL by utilizing vertical storage space! Now there will be no excuse to throw towels on the floor.


 A close-up of my awesome hooks and wall art. A $1 starfish and a $6 wood sign that I got from Beall's Outlet



 Painted and caulked.... it's finally coming together!


 I decorated my ledge with 2 starfish with Sea Fans behind them, and a little driftwood sailboat. And you can see my favorite feature peaking out from the side of the picture.... the Starfish Mirror!


 The starfish mirror was a fun little DIY project that was inspired by a $1500 mirror that I saw on pinterest. I am THRILLED with the way it turned out. It was definitely a trial and error process.

Giving myself the thumbs up, because this little DIY project is officially DONE!!!

I guess that the lesson I learned here is to take those absolutely horrible spaces and OWN THEM. Push through the creativity block and just DO, then everything starts coming together. I no longer hate this bathroom. In fact, it is now a comfortable, relaxing, coastal space that I have fallen in love with. Cheers, everyone!