Monday, March 12, 2012

The not-so-welcoming entry way

When builders build condos, they do it on the cheap. Especially when the market is ripe and it the money is there for the pickin'! When that little scenario occurs, they build quickly and (again) cheaply. This is what happened in 2005. A pale yellow "Navajo White" welcomes all the guests as they enter the unit, along with some 12" tile with this awesome aztec mosaic-looking "fancy" pattern in the tile. I felt like I was walking into a mountain lodge, not a beach condo.
Navajo white walls with that awesome tile work!
Testing Glidden "Song Porcelain" to brighten the place up. It was a winner! 

Since budget was an issue, I decided that a rug to cover the tile would be a nice, easy fix, and new paint was in order. I wanted something light, bright, beachy, and cottagy! And I found a winner with with Glidden's "Song Porcelain". Paint is such an awesome, inexpensive way to make over a space! But it still needed something more....... After perusing MANY DIY blogs, I determined that my life and this condo would not be complete until I gave the entryway the "board and batten" treatment. Lucky for me, my dad was a shop teacher and I grew up using power tools and saws. The real problem here was having to deal with a concrete wall. So, I used Liquid Nail construction adhesive to hold up my 1x4. That was fun. Then I cut myself some 12" spacers and went to town with the liquid nail and battens that I cut.
The 1x4 horizontal board and lattice battens. And there's that lovely round mosaic tile again!
And another view of my hard work. I'm just loving the white on the walls. That Navajo white is still peaking at me from around the door. SO glad it's gone!
 After installing my horizontal board & battens, I added my 2" ledge to the top of my horizontal board, then trimmed it out with some nice cove molding. Throw on some caulk, and some more paint, and the place REALLY started coming together! I didn't want to leave the baseboards and trimboards white. They get dirty, banged up, and show dirt. So I painted all of the trim and baseboards "Roma Haze". It is the perfect accent to the "Song Porcelain", and brings out a hint of blue in the paint.
Hooray for paint!!! Now the only yellow is in the tile! But we have a fix for that.....

The entryway at our lovely Boardwalk Beach Resort condo, like most condos, is very narrow. So there's not any room for a cute bench or mud room type area. Just a closet at the end of the hall to throw all of your sandy beach stuff in. I thought a nice way to add function to the space and create USEABLE space would be hooks. Oh, how I love hooks. They're perfect for beach towels, beach bags, purses, hats, I can go on.....
two hooks, looking pretty. And it's time to say good bye to that Navajo White!
My three little hooks. Accented by three little starfish. Ready to greet our guests!
And We're DONE!!!
Although the entryway was looking TRULY awesome, I thought it still needed a little more. My new Pottery Barn sisal rug arrived, and I was very inspired by the blue smoke border, as this would be an accent color throughout the condo. So I decided to spray paint my starfish blue.
I highly recommend spray painting starfish to make them pop! Before, they kind of got lost in the white. Now they draw the eye and look awesome! I also decided to alternate some small coral-colored sea fans. I love the look!

And here is the final result....painted starfish, walls, board and batten, and rug!
The whole shabang!!
Welcome to our Cottage Condo at the Boardwalk Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, FL!
Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, yes. Now, THAT'S a welcoming entryway!! I'm so pleased with the way it turned out! Here's my cost breakdown:
  • Starfish: $3
  • Sea fans: $1.60
  • 12' 1x4: $12
  • 10 6' pieces of lattice: $40.20
  • 12' cove molding: $10.68
  • 12' 1x2 for ledge: $8.04
  • 3 brass hooks, finished in oil rubbed bronze: $24
  • Liquid Nail: $3
  • Pottery Barn Sisal Rug: $90
 Grand total for this entryway re-do: $192.52. Not to mention hours of planning, as well as blood, sweat, tears, and physical labor! This is to be the first of MANY projects. I really want this condo to be a cottage, and to stand out from the THOUSANDS of other units available in this market. I have my work cut out for me :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

And the Journey Begins!

In January, friends of mine purchased a condo at the Boardwalk Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, FL. It had all of the characteristics of the typical rental condo: bare-bone basics. The condo had been on the typical rental program, where the building is managed by a corporation, and owners that want to rent out their units do so by paying management fees to the corporation who in turn fills the unit with guests. Here's the problem with those corporately managed condos: the guests never know what they're going to get. They don't see pictures of the actual unit they're staying in. And ya'll wouldn't believe some of the crap that's in these condos. Well, this was one of those condos. And this is my journey of how I turn it into something spectacular.